The Best Janitorial Service

Empowered and Respected

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Our leadership team recognizes that our greatest asset are our cleaners. Our goal is to ensure that everyone of our professional cleaners are experts in their field and your site.  To this end, we use strengthening, empowering and enabling techniques to develop our janitorial partners.

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From time to time problems occur.  That’s where our management team steps in. You will hear from our team within one hour from the concern being raised. Often within 15 minutes.

Commitment to Excellence

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The needs of your site is never fully captured in a contract and adjust as the contract is put into practice.  Therefore, we seek out your feedback.  Every other month, you will get an email welcoming your thoughts on how we’re doing.  On the alternate months, your inspector will discreetly review your site.  This stream of feedback is then used as a catalyst for training so that your cleaner knows how to meet your needs. Of course, you can opt out of this if you find it too intrusive.  Simply let us know.