Work With Us

The Need

We are always looking for good cleaners. In fact, our business is only as successful as our cleaners. Cleaning is not very hard, but the skill of giving customers a great clean again and again and again is and this is something our top cleaners take great pride in. Our skilled cleaners:

  • Like being their own boss
  • Take pride in providing great service
  • Never ever cut corners by paying attention to and fixing the little things
  • Find solutions to get the job done

The Opportunity

Select Janitorial works with Preferred Work Force Management Services to manage their service delivery. Preferred is the Preferred Way for janitors. This is because we truly know that “we success when you succeed”. Preferred is committed to giving you every chance to succeed.

What We Pay

We work hard to make sure our cleaners are paid above average wages for the industry. We pay by the job, so there are no set hourly wage. However, our full time cleaners earn between $3000 to $6000 dollars per month with our top cleaners billing over $8000 per month.

At the end of the day, its what you want or need to earn that is important. We work hard to get you the amount and type of work you want.

How We Support You

Your success is central to everything we do at Preferred. We help you get set up and ready to clean. We provide all the training needed to be a good cleaner. We work with our partners, like Select, to find the work you want.  We have a bookkeeper and an account available to answer any question and even do a lot of the paperwork so you can just focus on doing the best job you can. We deal with all the money stuff with our customers and pay you even if the customer hasn’t paid us. When issues arise, we work together to find solutions. You are treated with respect and as the professional you are. Our cleaners, while independent, are not alone.

Your Opportunity

Here are some key benefits of working with Preferred:

  • Independent but supported
  • Keep your own contracts, let us find you more
  • We often get you to making $3000 more per month within three months.

What Does It Cost?

If you have an existing janitorial company, then there is no cost to join our system. If you are starting from scratch, then we charge $750 plus the costs of getting everything set up. (We provide a select few a no interest start up loans if start up money is a problem. Don’t hesitate to ask to see if you qualify). We do charge a small finders fee when we give you a contract to service. This one time fee and administration costs are all you are charged.

The Next Step

Contact us If you have any question @

(250) 360-0666

Or submit the following form and we will get back to you.